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A cryptocurrency designed to reduce plastic pollution
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Founders of OxFoundation
Why we need to change?

Annually, we as humans produce up to 500 million tons of plastic; more than 40 percent of this is only used once, and it is choking our waterways, polluting our oceans and harming our wildlife.

Plastics have changed the way we live as a race. However, we are consuming too much too fast, and we have no real way of coping with the amount of plastic waste that we are producing. The only way forward is to change the way we think about packaging; it’s time to try something new.

Founders of OxFoundation
What is Oxyn?

What if we could send product packages back to the manufacturer and get money in exchange?

Oxyn acts as a solution to the problems of plastic pollution and waste; it is a cryptocurrency and blockchain ecosystem that allows you to effortlessly send packages back to the manufacturer for re-use purposes, to help eliminate plastic pollution. This is a win-win for both the consumer and the planet!

How Oxyn Works
To earn ‘Oxyns’, all you have to do is follow these three simple steps:
In your local shop or online, you can buy any of your favorite products included in our program. You can recognize them by the Oxyn logo label on the package and QR code.
After you have consumed the product, scan the unique code attached to the product package via our mobile application. You must collect a minimum of ten items, once you’ve done that, it’s time to send them back!
Send Back
Once you have scanned all the packages, press the button that reads 'Send Back', Find the closest drop-off location and leave packages! We'll take care of rest: clean, sort, and send them back to the manufacturers.
Benefits of Oxyn?
Oxyn provides a global solution for a global problem


One of the main advantages of blockchain is transparency. Now brands can show how many items re-used and how much plastics eliminated, so you are never in any doubt about the real facts and statistics.


Modern payment systems are extremely inefficient for microtransactions. Oxyn allows us to make transactions for each package in seconds, and it’s absolutely FREE.


Oxyn blockchain network developed by OxFoundation is open for any organization, including commercial and non-commercial ideas that are trying to eliminate plastic pollution and help the environment.


Plastic is a global problem. A modern product supply chain is international. The power of decentralization and flexibility of built-in currency guarantee that it will work worldwide.


Smart contracts, free microtransactions, NFC product protection, supply chain tracking, this is only a shortlist of features that blockchain technology and the Oxyn ecosystem enable.

Empowered by Community

Technology itself is nothing without the community behind it. OxComunity is a vital part of the Oxyn environment, which opens new horizons to fight plastic pollution. We need you to make a difference.

To ask questions use Social Networks or email
How do you deliver products back?
Right now we are validating a few options. The main alternative is to take packages away from the location you entered into our application. However, we also want to build a network of "Drop Off" locations that will be easily accessible to our customers.
Where is the Oxyn service available?
Currently, we cover only the NYC area, but we are working hard to involve additional resources and investment to expand our coverage area.
What is the economy behind Oxyn cryptocurrency?
The Economy of Oxyn is the same as for Stabilcoin or Facebook Libra. Simply it means that behind each Oxyn there is an appropriate amount of US dollars (or any other currency). So, it might be exchanged back to FIAT money any time.
Where can I buy Oxyn cryptocurrency?
Individuals can sell Oxyns at any time, but won't buy it. The only way will be to go green - by collecting and sending used product packages back to the manufacturer. This allows different businesses to provide additional perks to people who care for the environment and hold Oxyns.
How can I support Oxyn?
We are still in the early stages of development, so your support is more important than you might think. You can download our application, follow us on social media, spread the word about Oxyn and assist us with ideas and feedback. This will help us to continue growing and moving in the right direction towards a more waste-free world.